Blepi // logodesign and pins

The app blepi needs a logo. It should be appealing, animal loving and usable as a pin. blepi shows where in your area there are suitable animal sliders. The logo therefore has the style of a map pin. The distinctive shape was then used for the actual pins in the app. The different colors of the pins make clear the categories they stand for.

Blepi // rollups

In order to increase the visibility of blepi and draw attention to itself, Eva, the founder of blepi, visits fairs, among other things. Two rollups, which show from afar what it is about, attract the attention of trade fair visitors. The rollups were designed in the corporate design of blepi, for which Eva has very specific guidelines, which are summarized in a design manual.

Was ist blepi?

The free app “blepi Haustierfreund” offers the answer to the question “who cares about your pet when you’re gone?” Find, meet and book your suitable animal carer now and be more independent and free even if you have a pet. Your pet-sitter and pet are always insured! In addition, discover all the other service providers around your pet (dog trainers, dog hairdressers, animal shelters, veterinarians …) just in your area.

blepi connects everybody who loves animals!

“Für die neue blepi Haustier-Freund App wollten wir von Anfang an einen professionellen Auftritt haben. Klare Design Richtlinien so wie auch Wiedererkennung der neuen Marke blepi waren uns äußerst wichtig. Nela und ihr Team haben den richtigen kreativen Geist mit notwendigen technischen Kenntnissen, auf die man sich einfach verlassen kann. Auch wenn ich extrem detailverliebt bin und manche Entwürfe mehrere Wochen dauern, hat Nela immer die goldene Ruhe in sich und immer ein offenes Ohr für neue Kundenwünsche. Sie schafft es immer wieder, das eigene Extra in die Entwürfe zu bringen, die mich begeistern.”

CEO blepi Haustier-Freund Eva Jarosova-Korte,