THE NEED // The rural water organizations in Chile, called APR, are asked by law for more transparency and digitalization of their services. So far, everything is done by hand: the water readings, the billing, taking water samples, the accounting – which resutles in piles of paper documents on their shelves. Wouldn`t it be useful to have an app that can do all those things? But wait, there isn`t Internet in all those rural areas in Chile all the time, how to deal with that? The app has to work offline too.


THE SOLUTION // Progressive web applications (PWA) are hybrids between native apps and websites. Both worlds are combined, so the PWA can be used in a browser as well as an app on phones and desktops. Not only can a PWA serve the need of the APR for an application but also solve the issue of unstable Internet connections. A PWA is able to run without an Internet connection and still provide all the necessary data that is necessary to work seamlessly.

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progressive web application for aguarural Dashboard

4 stages

01. Processanalysis

The most crucial part is an accurate process analysis. This is the base of all programming and design and the stage where we work very close together with the client to identify every single step.


02. Wireframing and Design

Wireframing layouts the results of the process analysis. A clickable prototyp ensures usability in a very early stage of the project. First tests take place and after final approval of the stage the app goes to the design stage where form follows function.

03. Programming and react.js are the foundations of progressive webapplications. The first step of the programming is always the architecture of the app where the database is set and a plan for the programming is created. Lightweight, smart code that works seamlessly through all devices as well as Internet security are essential parts of the programming.


04. Deployment and Testing

An app is only as good as the tests that follow after the programming. We hand thee project over to the client for a certain test period. Several test circles are done by different people. This ensures that every single detail works properly and people are able to easily use the app.

progressive web application for aguarural Socio
progressive web application for aguarural Administrativo


aguarural comes with a variety of features which makes life way easier for the users. Here is a brief summary:

01. User management

Several different user roles define who can see and work in which parts of the application. There are user roles for supervisor, admins, socios, presidents, technicians and secretaries.

02. Water reading and billing

Each month the technician has to do the water reading. He can search for a socio via ID or the number of the watermeter. He types in the number of the reading and can print the invoice directly on location because the app is connected to a portable printer. Additional features like reports about errors or misreadings in the watermeter can be taken note of within the app.

03. Searchable and sortable tables

Throughout the app there are several lists which are displayed with tables that come with a useful features. Each table contains the most important data at a glance, is searchable with various filters as well as text search and sortable. Furhtermore, lists can be printed. In relevant cases bulk printing of documents is possible.



04. Document archive

Documents can be uploaded into an archive. Tagging with predefined filters makes it possible to search for them. Bulk printing of documents is also a very useful feature that comes with the app.

05. Accounting

The accounting section makes the cost structure, profit or losses transparent and gives a clear picture about the finances of the organization. A graph as well as a summary list of the incomes and expenses provide accountants a overview at a glance about the financial structure.

06. Statistics

To keep water quality up and detect problems at an early stage it is necessary to take water samples at a regular basis. The results can be put in the app and graphs show the results over time.

progressive web application for aguarural Usuario
progressive web application for aguarural Monitoreo