In this powerful workshop – that we call the Branding Discovery – we go to the core of your company. We find out about everything that we need to create an outstanding brand for you. The workshop itself contains several parts. We analyse your status quo, take a close look at your buyer personas, create your branding attributes and define the next steps that are necessary to reach your goals.


We create a very detailed profile of your customers. At the end of the workshop you will not only know what your customer has for breakfast but also where they are, how they buy and what they want from you. You will be well aware of their needs and characteristics so you can address them exactly with your products and services. We help you to go straight into your customer`s minds.


Based on the workshop we create several design drafts that represent the look & feel of your brand. We research your target audience, so we are able to speak to it in the most effective way. Every design piece, every color, every font serves a purpose and a function. Nothing is left to chance.


After the branding discovery we are ready to go into the deliverables. Deliverables are all kinds of design work that help putting your brand into the spotlight. e.g. flyers, posters, merchandising, roll-ups, websites, packaging, bookcovers, presentations, social media images, and so much more.
The final style ensures that all deliverables – from logo to website – are consistent and speak in the same voice.