We believe that everyone deserves great design. Awesome Design, as we call it, not only makes the world a more beautiful place, but it also highlights personalities, creates characters, tells stories. It helps us to express ourselves, creates moods and can give us a positive feeling if we apply it correctly.

We love design! - We love it for its complexity and simplicity, its appearance and taste, its madness and seriousness, its joy and sincerity,… we love it for everything, that it may be! With the help of design you can be whatever you like to be, your business can be whatever you want it to be. With the help of design, we design a world that is as great as you are yourself!


We are a team of highly professional designers and programmers, who not only have a lot of experience, but also lots of passion for their profession. We are scattered all over the world and work from anywhere. Some of us travel around the globe and use time zone differences and geoarbitrage for your advantage.

Since we do not have offices, you’ll find us mostly digital and online. Call us with the communication means of your choice - Skype, Whatsapp, Email or the good old telephone. Your designers are at your disposal and it feels as if we were your personal in-house graphics department.

We will show you the rest of our Team soon! – Ute, Marcel, Zoran, Rhiddoh and Anna 🙂